Our Wedding | The Details

The Details

The Date

After Daniel proposed we started discussing when we should get married. Daniel at first considered waiting a while, so planning could be slow and easier. I wanted to make our randomly chosen dating anniversary more concrete, and the last occurrence of a May 1st on a weekend was coming up in a few short months. We had to decide, did we want our anniversary or did we want to calmly plan a wedding?

I don’t think I’ve ever “calmly” planned anything, so we went for a whirlwind engagement with a May 1st wedding date. This gave me just over 5 months to plan the whole thing.

The People...

Daniel and Jason met in 7th grade and bonded immediately thanks to Mortal Kombat and Ace Ventura. Through the years they've been bandmates, roommates, and friends.

Ammi and Amy met right after Ammi was hired at iostudio. Amy had spotted Ammi during the interview and loved her pants. Ammi soon grew out of those pants, and now they live happily with Amy.

Daniel and Ben have worked together in some of the roughest conditions cushy office jobs can dish up. They've created a lot of great software and had a lot of good times in between.

Ammi and Siobhan met soon after Ammi started working at iostudio. Ammi had an upset belly and Siobhan offered apple sauce to help. It was the start of a wonderful friendship.

The Gifts

I think a wedding is not only a day to show how much you love your partner, but also to show appreciation for the people who are important to you both day-to-day. For this reason it was important to me to choose something personal for each of those people.

For Daniel and each of the groomsmen, we chose custom cufflinks. Daniel’s cufflinks have the wedding date & our initials from Vintage Stamp Jewels on Etsy. Ben and Daniel met working in IT, so for Ben we chose silicon computer chip cufflinks from Sir Cuffs on Etsy. Daniel and Jason met in seventh grade and bonded over Mortal Kombat, so for Jason we found Mortal Kombat cufflinks on Etsy from Mod Cufflinks.

For the bridesmaids we had custom shawls made by my wonderful friend Richard.

For our fathers we chose “father-of-the-” wooden pocket knives with their names carved from Everything Decorated on Etsy. For our mothers we chose lily necklaces with their birthstones and a pearl and “mother-of-the-” pendants from Diana D Jewelry on Etsy.

Daniel’s nieces Bekah & Felicia helped with the wedding. For them we chose silver necklaces with their names from Sincerely Me PJD on Etsy. My cousin Matthew also helped, for him we chose a money clip leather wallet with his initials from Millers Leather Shop on Etsy. For my wonderful grandparents I found lovely handkerchiefs with personal messages embroidered from Mister and Mrs on Etsy. For our officiant Bryan, I chose Dark Tower cufflinks and tie clip from Wearable Collectibles on Etsy.

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