Throwing Larger Bowl Variations

Throwing Larger Bowl Variations

    • 2017, ceramics, craft, Daniel

Once I was comfortable with the wheel again, I had a whole new set of concerns over details.  From basic considerations like size and shape, to more nuanced things I couldn’t control as well before like depth, thickness, lip (the top edge), foot (where the piece meets the ground).  I had been working on making larger, more practically useful bowls but still hadn’t moved on to new shapes like cups or saucers.

I recognize at least a couple of these bowls as bowls we actively use (almost daily).  It’s kinda surreal to see them here colorless, more akin to mud than the bowl we know and love.  Firing and adding glaze adds a personality to each bowl.  Seeing them here is almost like seeing them naked or as embryos, still forming that character I’ve come to know and love.

I’m thinking “Dang, I wish I’d made it a little wider right there…” 😉

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