September Wrap-Up

I’ve been meaning to write up a post and share photos from the last of our birthday exploration and the rest of our month for weeks. Our first weeks back to work were crazy busy and we’ve been working on a big decision, so finding the time just didn’t happen.  What big decision you might …

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Birthday Week Exploration

For the second part of Daniel’s birthday week vacation we rented a car so we could do some exploring. 

We are Legal Residents of Croatia!!

As we mentioned in our last update, I (Ammi) was approved for residency August 4th. We went to MUP August 17 for my fingerprints and the last of my paperwork. I had my permit in-hand August 24th. Daniel was approved August 24th. We hope to have his paperwork at MUP done by the end of …

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Feels like Summer

We’re currently staring down the end of July, and it has been a difficult month.  It started with Cirrus getting a grass seed in his ear that had to be removed while he was under anesthesia. Followed by two weeks of holding him down to apply antibiotics to his ear. It did not work, and …

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Our first 4th of July Abroad

This was our first 4th of July living abroad. We have the holiday off because our US based work teams have the holiday off, and we’re staying on their schedules for now.  We celebrated by taking a much needed actual vacation and practicing the Dalmatian Art of Fjaka. Basically we rested and did nothing for …

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June Update

I’m shocked it’s already June. This summer is passing quickly. Daniel and I are working on a new side project with a tight deadline on top of our regular work. At work we’re both on deadlines too.  Our days consist of sleeping late, walking the dogs, working second shift hours for our American time zones …

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May Life Update

I realized we hadn’t written here in a while to catch everyone up on our lives. We spend our weekdays walking the neighborhood, trying new foods, and working. Our weekends are filled with exploring further Split destinations, garden upkeep, board games, video calls to friends back home, and tourist watching. Daniel takes at least one …

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Exploring Marjan Park

For my birthday we decided to explore Marjan, the largest park in Split. Marjan has been used as a park by the residents of the city since the 3rd century. It’s covered in a Mediterranean Pine Forest – so I masked, since I’m allergic to Pine and Cedar.  We entered the park on the North …

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Moving to Mertojak

We were very nervous about finding a pet friendly apartment in Split. The listing websites are difficult to navigate and don’t have a lot of options. Luckily Expat in Croatia helps find their clients apartments, and Lucija found us one we fell in love with very quickly. It was actually the first one we looked …

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