February So Far

February in Split feels like spring. Things are in bloom and we’ve had several days that are almost 60°F. It’s been sunny and warm. We’re still too busy with work to do much, but we’ve been enjoying the weather with our neighborhood and beach walks. 

The boys got new backpacks to ride in on some of our upcoming trips. They are super nice and comfortable for them and us. The brand is TARGIS and they are made here in Europe and made especially for train travel and hiking. Magnus loves his, Cirrus will get used to it as we work on it. 

The first weekend of February we took our favorite beach walk, and we found a nice place to sit and just enjoyed the view and the salt water air. Daniel and Cirrus explored the rocks and Cirrus did some splashing in the sea. It’s too cold for the rest of us, even if there are lots of locals enjoying regular swimming this time of year. Daniel also took us to a hidden(ish) park he had ridden his bike past that is between the Radisson Blu hotel and Znjan Beach. It has amazing views of the beach and the sea. It was very private feeling this time of year and was a nice walk from our place. 

The second weekend it was raining. We rested and did our normal neighborhood walks when the rain allowed. We gave both the pups haircuts and baths. They weren’t very happy during grooming, but they seem very happy with their shorter haircuts. Being petted is just better with shorter hair. 

Sunday we had a call with the Mullinexes in Tennessee. It’s always good to catch up. We talked for a few hours and really enjoyed catching up. They are going to meet us in Italy in a few months, and we are looking forward to seeing them (and eating lasagna). 

We’re planning a weekend getaway to Dubrovnik next week for a late Valentines celebration. We can’t wait to share all about that Dalmatian city further south than Split with you. 

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