C & E Playlist | November 2023

November, both the playlist and the experience, had a very clear theme – Italy. We went for two weeks, from the 9th to the 21st. Since the point of these playlists are to document music we hear in the wild (mostly, some are added by algorithm), this has a lot of music we heard in […]

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C & E Playlist | October 2023

We start the October playlist this year with a fun little pop bop called W.I.T.C.H. by Devon Cole. Apt. It’s catchy and the lyrics are fun and creative. The real story of this month is that we discovered YouTube Music has VEVO-style playlists of the top 100 songs and music videos from around the world.

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C & E Playlist | September 2023

The August playlist was a hard one to follow. As a result, September is a shorter playlist that we’ve listened to less. It opens with Ray Dalton’s Do It Again which is a banger. It features a (metal?) song we picked up from a painter in Trogir who told us stories of living in Ireland;

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C & E Playlist | August 2023

This playlist is awesome. I think it has the most number of Croatian songs so far. And those songs really resonate with us as “our type of music”. That’s not to say we haven’t enjoyed all the Croatian music on previous playlists, just that these are in familiar styles that really get the toes tapping.

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C & E Playlist | July 2023

The 2023 July playlist starts with a literal banger, Weird Al’s Hardware Store. It goes very hard – so hard we often skip it. It’s a lot for early mornings. One of our neighbors had a party where we overheard Vreteno by Zeljko Joksimovic. I have no idea what the translation is, so please don’t

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C & E Playlist | June 2023

Our playlists have gotten very interesting since moving to Croatia. It’s not all Croatian music, but it definitely has a few bangers that we’ve picked up in Uber rides. I really dig Voli me do neba by TIA and Oteta by Tara Thaller. I also suspect if you’ve been on any social media this month

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Playlist Compliation

For those of you just tuning in, let me tell you about our playlists. Way back in 2017 we visited California for work. It was a big adventure. I (Daniel) heard some music in a work toilet that was really catchy. I thought it sounded so much like California and this time, so I wanted

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C & E Playlist | September 2022

Alright, friends, it’s that time again. Let’s see what the playlist holds this month. As I mentioned last time, my current new music obsession is Nothing But Thieves. As a matter of fact, we start with their absolute banger, “Is Everybody Going Crazy?” Apt. If you don’t know the 1966 song “You’re Dead” by Norma

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C & E Playlist | August 2022

This playlist starts with and is largely dominated by a band I’ve newly discovered called Nothing But Thieves. It’s amazing to see folks younger than myself writing new hard rock that hearkens back to rock that is older than me. Young’uns like this are keeping it alive and I love it. They often channel the

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