Dual Clay Display Bowl

Dual Clay Display Bowl

    • 2018, ammi, bowls, ceramics

This semester Daniel decided to try the dark clay offered by our teacher June. It's apparently really great to throw on the potters wheel. I kept with the white clay we've used from the start of our class. I made this decision partially because I didn't like the way the dark clay felt and because I like to stick to what I know. I'm glad I did, because I tried to hand build with some of Daniel's dark clay and it's much wetter than the white clay, so it's harder to get it to keep the shapes I want and I just didn't enjoy it. I decided to use the Daniel's clay I had already started working with a matching amount of my white clay.

I folded the two clays together until they were as evenly dispersed as I wanted. I rolled the clay out to around 1/4" thick and draped it over a plaster mold. I shaped the clay to the plaster mold with my hands. I decided to not have conformed edges on the bowl, I wanted it to feel natural and a little raw since I planned to barely glaze it.

After the bowl dried for a week I took a clean wet sponge and cleaned the muddy surface off to reveal the marbling underneath to prepare it for it's first firing.

When it came time to glaze this piece the marbling came out so well I only applied a clear coat of glaze, making it shiny and food safe.

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