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Colorado Spring 2018

Daniel and I are very excited to be going to Colorado for my 37th birthday in just a few days. Planning an adventure with our health issues is a little bit of a challenge, but we’re making it happen because we both want to live bigger. On this trip we’ll be flying into Denver, spending […]

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First Sprouts and more

Nighttime walks Nighttime walks Fort Nashborough’s renovations are stunning… Fort Nashborough Tied for second sprouts! Basil! Tied for second sprouts! Thyme First Sprouts! Chamomile! What a week! This past week the weather has been wonderful and we’ve been out walking as much as possible. I’m sharing several nighttime pictures from our late walk at the

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Victory Garden 2018 | Planning

After our wedding in 2016 I decided to keep and grow all of the herbs from our table settings on our balcony. This was my first step into getting serious about container gardening. Last year I did some research and had a full garden, but had an awfully late start because getting plants locally that were

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Washington’s Birthday Weekend

Robins enjoy the weather Rising river The only thing the same on this block is Johnny Cash Daniel a speck of red on the bridge Signs of spring in February Signs of spring in February We had an excellent long weekend! Thursday Daniel took off work to accompany me to some testing at Vanderbilt, it

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Making my world bigger…

Daniel and I had just come in the house from somewhere and we had NPR on the radio keeping Magnus entertained. As we were settling in I caught a few words from the program that was on that day. Those words have been sitting and stewing in my head for several days. Fresh Air’s Terry

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Warm Spring Day… In February.

Yesterday it was in the mid 60’s and sunny in Nashville, luckily Daniel had the day off so we got to enjoy it. He took a 20+ mile bike ride through Shelby Bottoms and Two Rivers Greenways to start his day and when he got home we took a nice 2+ mile walk as a

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Nashville Snow

Nashville got snow this January, and I think a few days Chicago was warmer than here. Daniel & Magnus took an adventurous 5 mile walk in the snow, and we got some beautiful snow shots from our balcony also. I hate the cold, but I do appreciate the beauty of winter.

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