Exploring Florence Italy

Arriving in Florence

We arrived in Florence at about 4 after a lovely drive from Montecatini. After we got everything to the room we headed to the dog park for a walk. It was a beautiful walk as our hotel was right on the river Arno near Ponte Vecchio. On the way back from the dog park we got the best gelato at a little place called Gelato di filo. I got cherry and salted caramel – Daniel got yogurt and cream. They were all delicious. We came back to the hotel, rested and enjoyed our beautiful balcony.

On Thursday and Friday, we had a dog sitter who came to the room to watch the pups. Dogs are allowed in most places in Italy, but not in the museums. We wanted some museum time and for that, we needed the pups to be well cared for. The dog sitter was provided by the hotel and her name was Laura. She took the boys on walks around the hotel and played with them in the room. They seemed to have a great time both days.

Uffizi Gallery

On Thursday we started the day by taking the pups to a little dog park near the hotel after breakfast. After the dog sitter arrived, we headed to the Uffizi Gallery. I don't think either of us expected just how large the gallery would be. Daniel really enjoyed it and since he's the one with the degree in art, he's written a post about the experience. After our experience in Uffizi we had the best meal I think I've ever had at Ristorante Braceria Auditore. I had the Stracotto alla fiorentina, and it was delicious. Daniel had a steak with cheese and honey that we didn't save the name to. It was also amazing.

Illusions Museum & Anthropology Museum

Friday started much the same, we took the pups on a walk to the Piazza della Signoria and took pictures with the replica David. Before we left the hotel we also got a photo with them and the Goofy statue in the lobby. It was very cute. We had planned to see the Accademia Gallery, but there was a general strike Friday and the Gallery wasn't selling scheduled tickets. We decided we didn't want to cross a picket line for tickets, so we skipped it. We had pizza at Giotto Pizzeria Firenze – they had a few pizzas with Michelin Stars and had been highly recommended. I had the Bistecca and Daniel had a calzone called the Ripieno. For dessert we shared an Omaggio A Margherita. It was all amazing. Afterwards we decided to walk the city until we found something interesting to do. First we found the Illusion Museum. It was a lot of fun. We enjoyed playing with all the illusions. Afterwards we found the Anthropology museum. For some reason we expected it to focus on the history of the area, but it did not. It had rooms from all around the world. I wish we had skipped it, the only thing interesting was finding the same type of chairs that I cut the end of my finger off with as a child.

Much needed day of Rest - And Shopping

Saturday we wanted to rest. We spent a few hours in the morning shopping for Christmas gifts to mail back to family and the rest of the day resting with the pups in the room. That evening we went to a Christmas Advent close to the hotel. We had planned on traveling to an advent or two this Christmas, but it was crowded and not something we enjoyed, so I think we'll skip that this Christmas. 

Piazzale Michelangelo & Giardino delle Rose

Sunday we took the boys on a hike to Piazzale Michelangelo for some amazing views of Florence and the Giardino delle Rose. It was a beautiful walk and we got some amazing photos of Florence. Giardino delle Rose was less busy than a lot of areas and we enjoyed the roses and statues very much.

Giardino del Bobolino

Monday was our last full day in Florence and we went for another long walk. We walked all around the southern part of Florence and made it to Giardino del Bobolino, a lovely park in what felt like the “suburbs” of Florence. It was beautiful and the pups enjoyed the grass and that we had the place to ourselves while we were there.

Heading back to Split

Tuesday we picked up breakfast on our morning walk and then loaded up the car and headed out. We took the autostrada and had a pizza lunch at an Autogrill. We arrived in Ancona in the rain and a few hours early for the ferry, so we just sat in the car and rested until it was time to board. It was raining so hard as we boarded and there was a wind advisory. We knew we were in for an uncomfortable ride back to Split. 

We made it despite the wind and rain and got to the apartment in Split around 7am Wednesday. We were exhausted but Daniel still made it to the grocery store and got the car unloaded. I mostly stared into space and tried to nap.

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