December so far

This first part of December has been restful and busy all at once. We've mailed a Christmas package home to family (fingers crossed it arrives). We've celebrated Cirrus’ 3rd birthday. We've watched our neighborhood come alive with a Christmas village, complete with ice skating, a live band on weekends, and rides for kids.

For Cirrus' birthday we went on one of his favorite walks by the Žrnovnica River. It was swollen, but still as clear as ever. It was a beautiful walk and Cirrus had an amazing time. He got to play in the water (it was over the path) and he dressed like Daniel which was super cute. 

We've learned you cannot send liquids from here to the United States (the olive oils my family won't get to experience have been added to our collection). We've figured out shopping at the Interspar in the mall is much easier grocery shopping in wet winter weather. And we've learned that losing your parking spot in December on weekends is a mistake. 

Our orange tree is full of ripe oranges, and we can pick them right out the office window. They are the best oranges we've ever had, so juicy and eat to peel. I've never eaten so many oranges. 

We're looking forward to celebrating the holidays quietly together, and maybe getting some ice skating in on a not busy weekday morning.

From Cirrus' Birthday Walk at Žrnovnica River

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