C&E Apps are web applications made by Daniel Carter & Ammi Embry. We started building cool things together when the year was mostly zeros, and now we're attempting to get them all live for historical purposes.

Live, usable things we've built


FidgetMap is a casual game about exploration and discovery. There's a daily map that saves automatically and can be resumed all day. Tomorrow it will be gone but a new one will be ready to explore.

March - October 2022


WhenPin lets you pin a point in time. Useful for medication (when did I take it?) or special moments, consider it a count UP instead of a count down. If you struggle with remembering "when", just pin the when. Thanks to Ryan our friend for the genius idea.

August 2022


QAImg is an incredibly useful tool for testing applications when you need to test lots of totally unique images (PNG) or PDF files. You can download individual files or zips of multiple files great for testing your applications.

July 2021 - August 2022

AuctionLook Auction Displays

AuctionLook.com needed the ability to show auctions and auctioneers from their Auction Marketing system across platforms. Daniel made this plug and play react app for them and included a WordPress plugin to make sharing capabilities work seamlessly.

2018 - Present


Coming Soon & In Production

CE Cipher - Coming Soon

We're pulling this one from the archives to launch soon. Before end-to-end encryption (and before we were together) we wanted to talk at a particular job without the bosses reading (they had made it clear, they were reading). So Daniel created this neat little cipher tool we could use at work. They asked us to stop within a week, we did not. Thanks to the B-to-B tech company that is now a defunct mobile game company for the inspiration.

2009 - 2010

FAPOW - In Production

A resource generating survival game in production on and off for a few years. There is a spreadsheet, there is source code. Will it be space travel, will it be post-apocalyptic, will it be fantasy - one day we will finish it, then we will all know.


Zombie Walk - In Production

A memory of a game built late at night when we were much younger... zombies walked across the screen, what else, when we find the code, we'll let you know.


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