Žrnovnica River Promenade

The Žrnovnica River is just minutes from our apartment in Split near the village of Dvori. It is a short river at only 4,800 meters (just under 3 miles). The upper course of the river goes through a mountain gorge making it nearly inaccessible and is home to the endangered Softmouth Trout. The lower course has a promenade from the mouth of the Adriatic to the town Žrnovnica. We walked about two thirds of the promenade because we missed the parking lot near the sea. The banks along the lower part of the river are covered in Figs and Willow trees.  The lower part of the river is home to Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, and Eel. We also spotted lots of Wood Ducks.

Our entire walk was just under 2.5 miles in and back. It was lovely and cool. Cirrus especially loved wading into the shallow parts then jumping out and splashing the rest of us to the best of his ability. Magnus enjoyed dipping his feet in the water for just a second to cool down.

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