We spent a beautiful few months in Old Town Split right next to Diocletian's Palace. January -- March is beautiful and quiet in Old Town. The tourists start showing up towards the end of March and we didn’t want to stay in the middle of the tourist season in the tourist area. Living a decade in downtown Nashville, we’d rather avoid the huge crowds. We’ve found a beautiful apartment with a yard in a part of Split called Marjan. It’s quiet, we can see the sea, and it's walkable to everything we need. 

We loved our time in the most beautiful part of the most beautiful city I have even seen. Old town is built around Diocletian’s Palace. Diocletian's Palace was built for the Roman Emperor Diocletian around the fourth century AD. It’s been a World Heritage Site since 1979. The Palace is still a part of the historic core of Split and it’s full of restaurants, cafes, shops, and housing. We feel absolutely privileged to have walked its alleys and learned our way around its winding paths. 

You can’t imagine the beauty of this city from the photos. But I wanted to try it, so I’ve shared nearly 200 photos here. I hope you all enjoy them, even close to as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Our host in Old Town at our AirBnB was the kindest, and the apartment was comfortable and cozy. We will miss it greatly. We’re excited to be in our new long term apartment. It is 2 bedrooms with a large open living/dining/kitchen area and a beautiful view of the sea. We have a little garden with citrus trees and a bay tree and a Dalmatian Komin (an outdoor BBQ). Though we lost a bakery downstairs we have stores at about a 10 minute walk. It’s definitely better for our waistline. We will be sharing photos and more about the new neighborhood and the apartment in our next post. 

Scorri in alto