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The Honeymoon

magnus enjoys a sunset walk

We were so busy planning the wedding in less than five months that we didn't have the energy or focus to plan a intense honeymoon, but we still really wanted to get away after the wedding. We decided to get a beach house at our regular roadtrip beach. We love Dauphin Island because Magnus is allowed on the beaches and he LOVES the beach (not a fan of the actual ocean).

We enjoyed spaghetti made from the centerpieces at the reception; they were fresh herbs like oregano and basil. We love cooking together, so making sauce from scratch while watching the ocean out the window was a true blessing.

dolphin watching from the porch

The beach house we rented was a wonderful location, we watched dolphins play in the surf every day from the balcony. The stress of the wedding melted away as we relaxed.

We spent our time enjoying each others company, playing boardgames, flying kites, collecting shells, and reading. It was the most wonderful and relaxing honeymoon anyone could have asked for.

dauphin island, alabama may 2016