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CMA 2017

I wouldn’t normally write up an adventure for a weekend we spent basically at home, but this weekend was full of too many great stories not to share.

magnus is a star

Thursday we took a walk and cursed ourselves; we made the mistake of musing to ourselves after our walk that this was the most polite CMA group we had walked the pup through.

Saturday we took the pup out for a downtown walk during which he got the usually attention he gets. He was being adorable and we were having a nice time. Drunk Scotsman enters stage left, between the accent and the slurs I couldn’t understand a word he said. But he bypassed me to hug Daniel like an old friend. His more understandable Scottish buddy spoke a few unmemorable words with me, after which we went on our way. That's when I found out what had happened behind me.

Apparently Daniel also couldn’t understand the drunk Scotsman. He did however enjoy the big wet kiss he got on his neck after the second or third bear hug.

Could have been worse…

At 10 pm Saturday, we thought we heard our hallway neighbor coming in. It was a little surprising as she is always out of town for CMA’s (smart woman). Magnus the pup started losing it, so I went to the peephole to tell him that it was just the neighbor and to hush… but when I looked out the peephole I was face to face with a dude so drunk he was leaning on my door/wall trying to force keys into our lock.

I decided to wait a few minutes to see if he could figure it out on his own.

He did not. I pulled Daniel aside (Magnus still barking) and told him to be quiet, I didn’t want him to know there was a dude here at all to prevent escalation. I went back to the door and tried to tell the drunk dude bro he had the wrong door. He argued that he did not have the wrong door and that he OWNED the place. We argued back and forth, me trying to convince him he just had the wrong hallway since they all look alike in this building. He was having none of it. I finally told him I was going to have to call the cops if he didn’t leave.

magnus loved his suit, this is not the asshole

He disappeared for about 5 minutes until he reappeared in the parking lot screaming, “F&*K YOU” at the building. Funnily enough, at the OTHER hallway... the one he didn’t try. He kept that up for about 10 minutes before disappearing. Lucky for him since I was getting ready to call the cops.

Sunday at 6 pm, just as we were finishing cooking dinner, he showed up again. Luckily this time he was less hammered (still drunk, just slightly less drunk) and I said, “WHAT THE HELL DUDE, WRONG DOOR, REMEMBER?” and he left. We enjoyed homemade bison meatloaf and rosemary potatoes.

Turns out the unit in the same spot as ours in the other hallway is renting their place as an AirBnB… which is against our HOA rules, so they’ll be getting a letter this week most likely. Living downtown has its advantages, it also has its downsides.

nashville, tennessee june 8 - 11, 2017