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Venice Beach adventure


We are lucky enough to be required to travel for our work. This year it's taken us to California twice so far, once in February and once in April.

SF to LA

In February we started with a week of business in San Francisco and on Friday we boarded the Coastal Starlight Amtrak Train for Los Angeles. The train ride Friday was one of the most wonderful experiences of my entire life. I've decided rail is the only way to travel.

When we got to LA we found our condo blocks from the sand in Venice Beach. Venice Beach feels familiar because so many things have been filmed there, but it's more beautiful and weird than anything I could have imagined. I think it might be my favorite place in the world, but we did have perfect weather.

hwy 1
Monterey to SF
daniel explores

Our April trip started in LA in the middle of the night (thanks to a cancelled flight) when we drove up hwy 1, hwy 5, and hwy 101 (hwy 1 was closed part of the way because of the recent rains & mudslides) to Monterey Bay.

We spent two days exploring Monterey Bay before we finished our trip by driving the rest of the way to San Fransico up hwy 1. The Aquarium is one of the most amazing places I've ever been, but I could basically say that about anywhere along the coast between Santa Monica and Los Angeles.

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